Design Tools version 3 was rebuilt from the ground up to improve the tool's accessibility, usability, integration with Canvas, feature packaging, and to add a variety of new features.

The chart below illustrates some of the differences between the SaaS version and version 2 (aka Kennethware).

Feature Hosted Version
(Version 3)
Open Source
(Version 2)
New Canvas UI compatible Yes Yes
Under Active Development Yes No
Hosted Yes No
Works with Canvas Mobile Apps Yes No
Institutional Customizations Managed By Canvas Course JavaScript/HTML
Customizations by Sub-Account Yes No
Accessibility Features Built In Yes (see details below) No
Tools Themselves are Accessible Yes No
Content Themes
Selectable Themes Yes Yes
Banner Text Update Controls Yes No
Select Banner image from course files Yes No
Institutional banner image support Yes No
Boilerplate Content
Boilerplate Content Blocks Canvas Course JavaScript/HTML
Navigation Block 1-8 links 1-4 links
Module List Yes Yes
Teacher and TA user details Yes No
Social Media Link Section No Yes
Dynamic Elements
Quick Checks Unlimited 2 per page
Accordions Unlimited 1 per page
Tabs Unlimited 1 per page
Expander Yes No
Modal Dialogs Yes Yes
HTML Snippets Yes No
Tooltips Pending Yes
Popovers Pending Yes
Read More Pending Yes
Progress Bar Pending Yes
Advanced List styles Yes Yes
Definition Lists Yes Yes
Add/Change Border Styles Yes Yes
Add/Change Padding Yes Yes
Add/Change Margins Yes Yes
Canvas Button Styles Yes Yes
Canvas Legacy Table Styles Yes Yes
Canvas New UI Table Styles Yes No
Add custom CSS to a course Yes No
Color Picker Yes Yes
Canvas Highlights and Emphasis Classes Pending Yes
User customizable color palette Yes No
Pull color palette from image Yes No
WCAG 2.0 Color contrast ratings Yes No
Canvas Icons Yes Yes
Font Awesome Icons Version 4.5 Version 4.2
Bloom's Revised TaxoNomy Yes Yes
Institutional configured objectives/outcomes Unlimited (Canvas content page) Limited (JavaScript/HTML)
Rich Content Editor Views
Labels Yes Yes
Sections Yes Yes
Browser Yes Yes
App Yes No
No Style Yes No
Copy Existing Content
From current course Yes Yes
By URL Yes Yes
Institutional Templates Yes No
In context help sections Yes No
Fill content width Yes Yes
Alt text input Yes No
Float image left Yes Yes
Float image right Yes Yes
Center image Yes No
Crop and upload image to Canvas Yes Yes
Directly embed uploaded image in editor Yes No
Image Captions Yes No
Add icon Yes Yes
Canvas Button Styles Yes Yes
Update Text and URL controls Yes No
Accessibility Features
WCAG 2.0 Color contrast ratings Yes No
Heading structure check Yes No
Image alt text Yes No
Link check Yes No
Grayscale Color Check No Yes
Institutional Policies Unlimited (Canvas content page) 1 (JavaScript/HTML)
Institutional configured objectives/outcomes Unlimited (Canvas content page) Limited (JavaScript/HTML)
Pull grade scheme from Canvas Yes Yes
Customizable boilerplate blocks Yes No
Theme Support Yes No
Integrated User Guide Yes No
User feedback form Yes No
Institutional support information Yes No
Advanced HTML editor Yes No
Template Pages Unlimited 2 Pages
Module Builder
Assignment, Discussion and Quiz Shells Yes Yes
Name Assignment, Discussion and Quiz Shells Yes No
Set Assignment point value and submission types Yes No
Update all assignment dates in one place Yes No